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Our Mission

Why are we in business? Simple really, to ensure that every single person in the workplace has the ability to be the best they can. We run a simple business with straightforward solutions, nothing clever or fancy, interventions that work and are transferable into the workplace. 

Our Products and Services

This is just a small sample of what our business offers

Leadership and Teambuilding

In all aspects of business leadership is a key skill and something that at times we can all struggle with. Our aim is to enable individuals and teams to develop these skills to make a real difference back in the workplace.

We can run complete year long modular programs for groups of managers and leaders or a one off solution, we are specialists at designing interventions to fit your specific needs and always consult with you to co-design the solution, we encourage your involvement, in fact without it the solution seldom works. Contact us for more information. 07469 857421

Mental Health First Aid

Good Mental Health is crucial to the success of most businesses but is often overlooked by companies. We are passionate about helping companies to help their staff to recognise Mental Health issues and reduce the stigma surrounding this.  Mental Health issues account for Millions of pounds of lost work days and is the biggest cause of absenteeism in the workplace.

We are qualified Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England Instructors and can deliver this course for your staff, at the end of the two day programme attendees will be awarded the MHFA England Qualification and can then become champions within your business, on the course they will learn to:

* Spot the early signs of a mental health issue

* Feel confident in how to offer and provide initial help to a person    experiencing a mental health issue

* Preserve life where a person may be at risk of harm to themselves    or others

* Help stop mental ill health from getting worse

* Promote recovery of good mental health

* Guide someone towards appropriate treatment and other sources    of help

* Understand the stigma that exists 

Civil and Commercial Mediation

Conflicts exist in all walks of life and often end up in costly court cases where  no one really wins, disputes can occur for many reasons but ultimately it is a break down of communication that can end up causing real stress and emotional turmoil for all involved, Mediation can be the solution to this.

I am a qualified Civil and Commercial Mediator and focus on getting the right solution for all parties, my aim is to help you to avoid the distress and cost of going to court.

In all my dealings with people going through Mediation I am sensitive with a resolution being the outcome.

Mentoring and Support Services

From time to time everyone needs support, be that through coaching, mentoring or just someone to listen, life can be tough and we are here to help with simple but effective solutions, call me for an initial chat, you have nothing to lose.


Umbrella Training and Development Ltd

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